About Ponder Digital

I have been a project management professional for approximately 10 years. Having started out on in-house infrastructure projects, I have spent the last six years delivering digital projects in some of London's most successful digital agencies. A certified Scrum Master and PRINCE2 Practitioner, I have led a wide variety of digital transformation projects for some of the world's industry-leading companies. There is no getting away from it - these projects can be hard and if not managed sensibly can go badly wrong with the subsequent loss of control that all project managers dread.

From Junior Project Manager to Senior Project Manager or from Programme Director to Head of Project Management, there are certain principles and techniques that can be applied to all digital projects to ensure they are managed optimally, with minimal risk. However, there is no one-size-fits-all template for all projects - each has its own unique requirements and challenges.

Ponder Digital was founded to fill a gap. The wide range of project management courses that is available does not yet cover the detailed every day duties of digital delivery. Many courses are so generic and theory-driven they lack ideas and techniques that can actually be applied in day-to-day work. While theory is important, there has to be a better way. There is a need for project management taught specifically for the settings in which it will be practiced.

As our founding course offering, Essential Digital Project Management has been put together focusing on what Digital Project Managers need to know when delivering often complex digital solutions within challenging multi-supplier situations. These techniques, tools, and tips aim to provide a solid foundation for how to go about digital project delivery confidently and effectively.

Over the years, I have also gained experience recruiting, selecting, growing and mentoring project management teams. Drawing on this experience, the course offers attendees the chance to learn about navigating their career progression in digital project management, including a review of their CV if required.

I hope you find it useful!

John Coghill